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I am really excited for this year!

The Lord is telling me that 2015 is going to be an INCREDIBLE year for me! I believe He is leading me to the path of greatness that He has bestowed upon me and promised me I would have more than ten years ago!

Do you know what the beauty of it is? I DON’T KNOW WHERE HE IS TAKING ME BUT I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS RIDE! People who know me ALL TOO WELL know that I am all about planning, organising and controlling! I love to make plans and to organise things and make sure I have complete control over them (, but for the first time in my life where I should the most frightened to not have control… I AM NOT!

Greater people are coming in and great people are leaving (I still love you but you were not meant to be in my journey). I gave everything to my Lord and like He promised everything I need (and what I even wanted) is coming my way. I am absolutely delighted and blessed!

The year of ‪#‎enlightenmentandrest‬