Listen & Learn

So like our grandparents FAVOURITE line “Back when I was your age” when they’re about to teach a lesson or tell you a ‘boring’ story about how great their lives were in ‘their time’. Nobody really wants to hear about their time because it’s B-O-R-I-N-G!!!

Well sometimes, as ‘UNCOOL’ as it may sound, have you tried actually listening to what they have to say? No? Yes? LIES, you haven’t but no judgment cause we spend most of our time trying to escape the conversation because we feel that it’s irrelevant and their situation is as outdated as their age (yeah I went there)

Our youth spends to much time living in the fast lane that they don’t have time to listen to the intro, body, conclusion and recommendation of a assertion (went all technical there ;)), all the want is the gist of the story so that they can move on with their lives. (I’m guilty of that) but it’s because we have ALL HAVE FOMO = the fear of missing out. For like a whole month (ok maybe like four months, but who remembers dates *shrugs*) I didn’t know what FOMO stood for! I know right… I felt absolutely slow and behind. The moment I finally understood I felt like those stereotypical blondes who finally got the picture, well someone once told me if I were Caucasian I would be blonde. *GRINS*

Basically why I’m writing this is that I feel that the Y Generation has really lost the meaning of the ‘good life’ and we’ve created our own life because the old life just didn’t fit with us. Could you imagine yourself doing what your folks had to do, PLAY OUTSIDE *gasps* THE HORROR or USE AN ABACUS TO COUNT *faints*! Well where I come from (Congolese Community), way back when, when the folks had their friends over, regardless of what I was doing I had to leave the room when the rents can in… IMAGINE! Your in the middle of Grey’s Anatomy when Cristina was FINALLY about to tell Mark she loved him… Or was it Alex… Never really watched the show… But yea you were really excited because the moment was totally ABOUT TO BE awesome that it would bring shiver down your… Oh wait IT WAS OWEN, yes that his name. Yea but you would never really see that special moment because you HAD TO LEAVE THE ROOM REMEMBER. But trust Jocks to say “NO, I have my rights!” Trust a BACK HAND on that pretty face of yours Jockie boy.

Things have really changed from that time to our time, but I strongly believe the values should not have change! Disrespect and laziness seem like the norm and everyone now tolerates such behaviour because we so accustomed to it. Maybe I’m just one of those random outcasts that doesn’t even try to be different but just stands out. I’m sorry I just can not STAND such customs of the Y generation. I truly fear being hated but if you’re on my team and you’re lazy and you just disrespect people like imma throw shade yo *** and you’ll be touched once I’m done!!! (Had to put the gangster talk for effect you know)

This gist of the long and probably pointless (to you) piece of writing is things does not have to change because the world is changing, try do the opposite. Now I’m not saying that you should clear out your closets and become a 70s babe (or bro for that matter) all I’m saying is use what we had and keep it in the present so that when the future becomes the presents, the past does not become just the present’s memory (That was a tricky one but think about it).


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