God’s gift to Earth

I am a 20 year old female living in a fast paced world trying to live it a slow paced life. If life is just lived in the fast lane then there is no time actually experience life. Our eyes are not built to see all flashing images unless you really train yourself to, but then again, life will not be an experiential period if your life fast. So as I sit in the car on my way to church, as a Sunday School teacher I have to mentally prepare myself for the morning with the children. I spend about 3-4hours with minds that ranging from the age of, 2-12 years of age which are a little more different.

Some people are not really fond of children for they are ‘loud’, ‘noisy’, ‘energetic’, ‘busy’, ‘annoying’ and the list may go forever for some! On the contrary I am very fond of children. Yes they are noisy, maybe annoying and too energetic for a old being but sometimes, people just need to understand the art of a child.

Adults tend to belittle the mind of child based the notion that the quantity of time spent on Earth overrules anything inferior to that. Well I will not completely disregard that notion but I would like to contest it. No children


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